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People are the foundation of your company’s success and it is important to take care of their well-being. 

Numerous international scientific studies have shown that there is a direct link between the productivity of a company and the mental and physical health of its workforce.

Proleven’s corporate wellness programs are excellent corporate welfare initiatives to support the well-being  of employees in the company.

The employee benefits that can be included in a corporate welfare plan are umerous: group training sessions or masterclasses via videoconferencing on various wellness-related topics (nutrition, sleep, posture, stress management, digital detox, money management, sustainability, etc.), one-on-one meetings with nutritionists, posturologists, psychologists, e-learning wellness courses, corporate wellness challenges, and more.

The corporate welfare programs for employee wellness offered by Proleven are available in different ways for both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations.


Stress Benessere Mentale Proleven

Stress and Mental Health

Innovative and engaging programs to learn and manage stress, prevent burnout and

improve mental well-being.

Alimentazione Proleven

Nutrition and Fitness

Courses and programs on proper nutrition and foods that support the immune system and promote our well-being.

Benefici dello Stretching Proleven

Stretching, Posture and Fitness

Programs to improve posture and relieve your body throughout the day, easing or preventing the aches and pains from which we often suffer.

Qualità del Sonno Proleven

Sleep Quality

Masterclasses and specific training to learn how to properly prepare for sleep, through practical techniques for a restful and regenerating sleep.

Detox Digitale Proleven

Digital Balance

Programs to learn how to make conscious use of technology, with practical techniques for a simple digital detox when needed.

Dipendenza da Alcol e Droghe

Addiction to Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Training programs to be able to concretely support employees or family members who suffer from addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Yoga Proleven

Yoga & Meditation

Meetings of classic or innovative yoga and meditation and mindfulness sessions, to regain concentration and learn to live in the present.

Diversity & Inclusion Proleven

Diversity & Inclusion

Programs to raise employee awareness and train leaders, fostering a company culture open to diversity.

Wellness Challenge Proleven

Wellness Challenge

Engaging challenges among corporate teams to promote healthy habits through fun, competition and charity.

Wellness Week Proleven

Wellness Week

Your week of wellness in the company, with 5 live Masterclasses on various topics related to wellness, to create engagement and awareness.

Coaching proleven

One-To-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings with Proleven’s team of psychologists, nutritionists, osteopaths and coaches for personalized support for your employees.

E Learning Proleven

E-Learning Training

Hands-on e-learning training on nutrition, stress and posture, accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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The Proleven Method

BAY (Built Around You), an innovative approach to training. The Proleven method in which the center of everything is you, with your stories, experiences and desire to grow. We then start from your individual background and add new knowledge and skills through gamification, helping you to develop new habits for your real growth.

Metodo Proleven

Let's start with the individual background

All of us have experienced, studied, read and heard. And that has brought us to today. For this reason, Proleven training starts from the background already embedded in each of us.

Metodo Proleven

Let's use gamification

Experiential training based on interactive quizzes, simulations, sharing, challenges and a lot more.

Metodo Proleven

We leverage neuroscience and behavioral science

For training to be successful, we need to create new habits. And we do this through the science of our own minds and behaviors.

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