How it Works

Under the guidance of a Proleven Expert, participants will switch work roles for a day, learning about the daily reality of colleagues and becoming aware of each other’s priorities and difficulties.

Through Role Switching, each participant will personally experience what it feels like to have their colleague’s role, understanding their needs, improving their listening skills and learning to act constructively throughout the work group.

They will discover that what they thought about a specific situation is completely different from reality.

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The Benefits ​

Learn about the role of colleagues, their difficulties and responsibilities, to foster a more understanding, collaborative and serene climate and achieve corporate objectives more easily.

Conflict Reduction

Promotes understanding between colleagues and effective knowledge of others’ roles. Significantly reduces conflicts often dictated by misunderstandings or stresses related to one’s role in relation to that of others.

Role Interdependence

Allows understanding the interdependence of tasks and the importance of each team member, with positive effects on the fluidity of daily work.

Communication between Different Departments

Improves daily communication between the various company departments, speeding up and making daily work more serene.a


Requires the contribution of each team member and thus promotes the sense of “accountability” towards the results obtained, which whether good or bad are the result of everyone’s work and how they work in a team.

Tailor-made for your team

Proleven’s team building and team development programs are designed to develop teams by acting on the causes of what is wrong or what needs to be improved, through the following phases:


Proleven Misure Team

The initial assessment allows you to understand where you are and where you want to go.

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Proleven Misure Team

We design a path that is tailored to your needs.

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Proleven Misure Team

Implementation of the program and monitoring of the training.

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