Kim's Company Game

How it Works

Participants are given a series of objects hidden in a box or under a sheet. The sheet is lifted to reveal the objects for a few moments and each team member must write down as many of them as possible. When the time is up, the group members must come together and make an overall list, then check if and how many objects they have properly identified out of the total number.

The exercise is then repeated with another set of objects, but this time the team has time to get organised, dividing the tasks in order to recall more objects. Once the time is up, a further final discussion ensues to check how many objects were identified and compare the list with the one from the first activity. The sessions can also be repeated several times with mixed teams to underline the importance of each team member’s contribution to making the company dynamic and effective in the market.

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The Benefits ​

Develop awareness that each team member has strengths that must be leveraged to achieve corporate objectives quickly and with satisfaction.

Drawing Out Potential

Promotes the team’s ability to identify the potential of each of its members, drawing it out to make the team stronger and able to achieve corporate objectives.

The Importance of Each Member

Teaches team members that each one is important for their strengths and that one person’s potential can be harnessed to fill another’s gaps and thus reach the goal together.

Organisation of Tasks

Improves the team’s ability to identify strategies to effectively divide tasks among various members, depending on the difficulties faced in that moment and the abilities of each.

Thinking Outside the Box

It stimulates creativity through a relaxed and fun climate, instructing participants to think outside the box to identify as many objects as possible and get involved.

Tailor-made for your team

Proleven’s team building and team development programs are designed to develop teams by acting on the causes of what is wrong or what needs to be improved, through the following phases:


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The initial assessment allows you to understand where you are and where you want to go.

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Proleven Misure Team

We design a path that is tailored to your needs.

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Proleven Misure Team

Implementation of the program and monitoring of the training.

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