Jurassic Orienteering

How it Works

The participants are divided into mixed groups: the Diplodocus group and the Triceratops group, each with its own costume.

Each group of dinosaurs must follow a path among streets of the city and parks, orienting themselves between one stop and the next. In one of the stops each group will find an unusual surprise: a dinosaur egg that belongs to the species of the other team.

For an extinct species, safeguarding an egg is of primary importance: each group will then have to continue along the next stops with a compass and map at hand, transporting the delicate egg without dropping it, with the help of a makeshift net built by the team itself using the objects recovered along the previous stops. The journey will not end until all the groups have reached their final destination and have reunited, exchanging their eggs.

At the end of the experience, participants will meet to discuss what worked, what could have been improved, and the lessons they learned about teamwork. They will also be able to draw up the “simple guiding principles” of the group, i.e., the guiding principles they can use as inspiration during their daily work.

Formazione In presenza Proleven


Formazione In presenza Proleven


The Benefits ​

Jurassic Orienteering is an innovative and unforgettable method. 

The totally unusual situation contributes to generating an impact on behaviour in the long term.


It promotes the awareness of being part of a single large team and that the future of the company depends on their behaviour.

Shared Objective

The teams are not enemies, but allies. This develops a sense of belonging to the company and the importance of working together for the common goal.

and Creativity

Putting participants in the position of having to find a solution to transport the precious egg without breaking it stimulates a propensity to problem-solving and creativity.

Freedom of Expression

The use of costumes is an effective method that can eliminate differences in gender, age and hierarchical position, thereby promoting a sense of freedom of expression in the individual who is part of the group.

Tailor-made for your team

Proleven’s team building and team development programs are designed to develop teams by acting on the causes of what is wrong or what needs to be improved, through the following phases:


Proleven Misure Team

The initial assessment allows you to understand where you are and where you want to go.

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Proleven Misure Team

We design a path that is tailored to your needs.

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Proleven Misure Team

Implementation of the program and monitoring of the training.

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