How to "Bee" 
a Team

How it Works


Honey, cheeses, nuts, wine and many other typical products will be featured in a tasting full of the flavours of nature. Together with an expert beekeeper, participants will taste small portions to discover, little by little, as if on a treasure hunt, the best flavours and combinations.

Beeing a Team… Like Bees

Bees are an excellent example of an organisational structure in which each member has a precise and fundamental task for the survival of the whole group.

Under the guidance of a Proleven Expert, team members will reflect on the following topics:

  • What makes bees effective as a team?
  • How similar is the hive’s organisational model to our situation as a team?
  • What could we do to become a more efficient team like that of a hive?

Building the Company Beehive

Each participant will fill in their personal cell of the company hive, reporting their strengths and the contribution they are committed to giving the company and their colleagues.

All the cells of the individual employees will then be – physically or digitally – affixed to the company hive, which can be displayed in the company to always remember the importance of each team member’s contribution.

Formazione In presenza Proleven


Formazione In Videoconferenza Proleven

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Formazione In presenza Proleven


Formazione In Videoconferenza Proleven

Via Web

The Benefits ​

A new experience focused on camaraderie that teaches team members the importance of each person’s contribution to the success of the entire team and the company.

Shared Objective

The team members are not enemies, but allies. This develops a sense of belonging to the company and the importance of working together for the common goal.

Role Interdependence

Allows understanding the interdependence of tasks and the importance of each team member, with positive effects on the fluidity of daily work.


Makes everyone feel involved and important to the team and the company, generating engagement and greater productivity.


It requires the contribution of each team member and thus promotes the sense of “accountability” towards the results obtained, which whether good or bad, are the result of everyone’s work.

Tailor-made for your team

Proleven’s team building and team development programs are designed to develop teams by acting on the causes of what is wrong or what needs to be improved, through the following phases:


Proleven Misure Team

The initial assessment allows you to understand where you are and where you want to go.

Freccia Blu


Proleven Misure Team

We design a path that is tailored to your needs.

Freccia Azzurra


Proleven Misure Team

Implementation of the program and monitoring of the training.

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