Egg Drop

How it Works

The participants are divided into several mixed groups and each group, to their surprise, is assigned the challenge of the day: to build a three-dimensional structure that protects an egg from breaking when dropped from several metres in height.

The team has a few minutes to briefly design its own structure, after which the countdown begins in which all the participants have a few seconds to go to the specially designated area and retrieve all the necessary material (maximum xpieces).

This opens the key phase of the challenge, in which each team must create its own model with the contribution of each member.

Once the time is up, all the groups gather on the terrace or another elevated structure and officially drop their eggs to test the strength of their models.

Back in the classroom, the participants are given a second and last chance to better design their model, avoiding the mistakes made in the first attempt but… with different materials!

At the end of the experience the participants meet to discuss what worked, what could have been improved, and the lessons they learned about teamwork. They can also draw up the “simple guiding principles” for the group, i.e., the guiding principles they can use for inspiration during their daily work.

Formazione In presenza Proleven


Formazione In presenza Proleven


The Benefits ​

Egg Drop Challenge is particularly effective because it pushes the group to organise their work and leverage the strengths of each of its members.

The unusual and fun setting also encourages creativity.


The game promotes creativity and freedom of expression to build innovative solutions starting from simple materials.a

Leveraging Strengths

The teams are guided in the model’s design so that they can best organise the work in order to take advantage of the skills and propensities of each member.

Managing Stress

By putting participants under pressure with a limited amount of time available, it recreates the typical “deadline stress” situation and promotes the ability to find solutions to reach the goal even when under pressure.


It requires the contribution of each team member and thus promotes the sense of “accountability” towards the results obtained, which whether good or bad, are the result of everyone’s work.

Tailor-made for your team ​

I programmi di team building e team development di Proleven sono progettati per sviluppare i team agendo sulle cause di ciò che non va o si vuole migliorare, attraverso le seguenti fasi:


Proleven Misure Team

L’assessment iniziale permette di capire dove siamo e dove vogliamo arrivare

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Proleven Misure Team

Progettiamo un percorso su misura per le tue esigenze

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Proleven Misure Team

Realizzazione del programma e monitoraggio della formazione

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