Acting & Improvisation

How It Works


The participants are first divided into groups.  Each group is given the task of writing a play, reflecting a given work situation in their company: for instance, opening a new store.  In the first phase, each group dedicates itself to writing the script, and then brings the story to life on stage with real life company roles.

In the second phase, the group needs to bring the same story to life on stage, switching the roles played by each actor. This is crucial, because it allows each participant to understand the complexities in different roles played by colleagues, and the challenges they may face in their daily activities.


Each group is given the same work situation, for instance, opening a new store, but the groups do not have time to consult each other and invent a story.  The groups go straight onto the stage, and switch roles right away.

Improvisation is a particularly effective technique because each participant steps into another person’s shoes, without any preparation whatsoever, and learns what it means to be in another person’s role. Moreover, they may also discover that what they had previously thought about a given situation is totally different from reality. If a person feels out of their depth or becomes disoriented, it can only be resolved by colleagues on stage, who need to improvise and find a solution to reach the desired outcome.

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The Benefits

Acting and Improvisation is particularly effective because it forces participants to get involved, playing a role they do not know. The fun situations that are created favour the internalisation of the experience and prolong its effectiveness.

Mutual Understanding

Applying role switching as an expedient promotes mutual understanding between team members.

Spirit of Collaboration

Nurturing the sharing of experiences, it generates a spirit of constructive collaboration.


Putting participants in unfamiliar situations stimulates individual and group problem-solving skills.

Communication and Listening

Forcing participants to find solutions based on actions and jokes improves communication and listening skills.

Tailor-made for your team

Proleven’s team building and team development programs are designed to develop teams by acting on the causes of what is wrong or what needs to be improved, through the following phases:


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The initial assessment allows you to understand where you are and where you want to go.

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We design a path that is tailored to your needs.

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Implementation of the program and monitoring of the training.

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